Soccer Boot Camp

Soccer Boot Camp (SBC) is designed to give athletes (soldiers) at every skill level an opportunity to get better during their off season. Camp is built around learning to love the game on and off the field - our goal is to educate soldiers (athlete) on every aspect of the game.

Welcome to Soccer Boot Camp 2021! Please take time to read the following instructions and let us know if you have any questions.

Camp will officially begin at 8:30AM Monday July 19th. Camp will be held at Marshall Park fields "UP TOP", but we will be using the whole facility, including the indoor latrine. Each Camper is to wear a plain white shirt.

Drop Off / Pick Up: Athletes can be dropped off as early as 8AM. Each parent or guardian will need to register their athlete the first day of camp. Following days, parents can drop and go. Athletes will be ready for pick @ 4PM and we ask that parents arrive no later than 4:30PM each day.

Parents are invited to join us as we gather the athletes under the pavilion between 3:15 - 3:30 to have our end of the day celebration and awards each day.

Beans, Battery, and Band-Aids: General reference to supply items -, equipment, and medical supplies.



Each camper will be required to pack a lunch and one snack for the day. Plenty of water and/or Gatorade are also a must. Campers will be doing a lot of physical activity so please plan meals and snacks accordingly. There will be no refrigeration available, but coolers are welcomed. Please label EACH cooler, water bottle, lunch, snack with child's name.



Each camper should come ready to play soccer and have gear organized in some type of soccer bag. Child's name needs to be clearly marked on equipment.

1. Cleats

2. Shin Pads

3. Properly inflated soccer ball

4. Sun Block

5. Bug Spray

6. Extra Pair of Soccer Socks,

Band - Aids: Volunteer Staff will be onsite to assist with minor injuries such as twisted ankles/bee stings etc.. Our staff will call for outside medical help if needed. For athletes that need special attention or need to take special medication during the day, please make plans to visit during the day to help with that process.

Thank you for choosing Soccer Boot Camp and we look forward to creating a lifetime memory for your athletes.

Feel free to call me with questions.

Kenn Spencer

Sports Director

Ontario Youth Sports


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